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The Patrol Division is considered the backbone of the Elba Police Department.  The Patrol Division is the most valuable section of the police department providing around the clock service to citizens and visitors of Elba.  They are the uniforned officers who provide the first line of defense for the public's safety.  Each lase enforcement patrol officer works to protect life and property, uphold the civil rights of individuals, perserve public peace, provide citizen assistance, enforce criminal and motor vehicle laws, and respond to emergency situations.  These are dedicated and committed professionals who place their lives and well-being in jeopardy for the citizens of Elba on a daily basis.

The officers of the Patrol Division are responsible for enforcing state and municipal laws and regulations designed to protect life and property, maintain order in an assigned district or beat, patrol the city to preserve the peace and to prevent crime, take criminal report and interview witnesses and suspects, apprehend fugitives and criminals, collect evidence and give testimony in court, conduct investigations for all misdemeanor and some felony cases, direct traffic, issue traffic tickets, investigate accidents, make arrests, participate in crime prevention and safety programs.  Patrol officers maintain closer contact with the public than any other section of the police department.  The Patrol Division consists of two Sergeants and eight officers.

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