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Mission Statement:

The Sanitation Department is responsible for the collection of the City's garbage and trash.  The Sanitation Department will maintain a safe, efficient, and effective waste collection and disposal system that complies with all applicable regulations and standards to the citizens of the City of Elba. 


Garbage is considered any household items such as food waste, bathroom articles, paper, etc.  Place all garbage in plastic bags in the garbage can provided by the City of Elba's sanitation department.  Do not mix garbage with trash.  Garbage routes run Monday through Friday.  You may view the garbage pick-up schedule HERE.

Trash (Yard Debris):

Trash is considered to be limbs, leaves, grass, clippings, etc. and will be picked up one time per week in each neighborhood.  Stack in an orderly fashion near the curb or side of the street.  Do not place trash in the street, gutter or on a sidewalk.  Avoid placing near a mailbox, utility pole or anything that would obstruct the use of the equipment.  

Debris left by tree surgeons, pulp woodcutters, roofers, construction workers, etc. will not be picked up unless prior arrangements have been made with the City Clerk.  A current City business license is required by these business owners in order to perform services in the City of Elba.

If trash pick-up is more than one-half trailer load (10 cubic yards), an extra fee will be added to the resident's utility bill. Section 62 - 36.6 of the Elba, Alabama Code of Ordinances.

No batteries, oil, or other hazardous material will be picked up.

Charges for Sanitation services are included on your monthly utility bill.

Important Information:

It is unlawful to throw, sweep, or otherwise deposit garbage or rubbish in any sewer, gutter, drainage way, or upon any curb, street, sidewalk or vacant lot.  Violators are subject to arrest and prosecution.


City of Elba Sanitation Department
200 Buford Street
Elba, AL 36323
(334) 897-2333



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